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Construction set for production
of energy
Absolute advatage:

- easy assembling

- no technical skills

- no building licence

- simply

- fast dismantling

- removeable solar 
Own energy source?
In the past time we could see an increasing interest and popularity of alternative energy supplies.
For that purpose we use the energy sources which are easy to get and free of cost:
Many occupants of agrarian property, mountain shelter, forest shelter, low-energy houses, car-park, recreational facilities, campsite, etc., install wind energy plants for their own demand.

The beginning is never easy.
There are oodles of information in the internet concerning the topic of alternative energy supply. The decision to build up an own wind energy plant, causes a troublesome collecting of information and answers to many questions like:

- Which capacity of energy do I need form I demand?
- How to integrate the whole system?
- Do I need an electrician, which licences are necessary?
- Is there any sponsorship for my project?
- Where do I get the fitting tower?
- Is it possible to assemble the whole system without help?

In our case
With our Isle-Solution, which is designed as a construction set, you receive all necessary components and parts for the self-construction.

Solar panels for the optimal use.
In our climatic circumstances it is possible that we have days with nearly calm. Although our wind generator already starts to convert wind into energy at a wind speed of 1.8m/s and his total capacity is reached at a speed of 9m/s, we have added two additional mono-crystal solar panels with 50W as reserve.

There are many possibilities of sponsorship to use the alternative energies. Unfortunately they differ from country to country. We would be glad to help you to get the necessary information. The easiest way is to ask your local bank first.
Bausatz-Systeme zur alternativen Energiegewinnung
No annoying grub in the earth for a basement, no cement! Just only screw the concrete pad, turn the galvanised pipes together, erect, anchor with ropes and tower is finished! Click here for more information: